Meet the Artist

Chris Opp has completed the most and biggest Public Art Projects as a local Artist, including more than 180 in just NW Louisiana and East Texas. Chris was President of “Keep Bossier Beautiful,” working with the Bossier community, Mayor, local Fire & Police Depts., and Schools. Community partnerships are important to him. He recently allowed the Bossier Chamber to include part of his design from the Welcome to Bossier signs he created in their logo. Chris gives lectures at local schools and has mentored four Senior High Students with their Senior Art Projects.

“GOD has given me a Gift and a Talent, and I want to bring Color into the Community and the World! In the end I believe it is about causing a ripple in the pond of life! It’s about being that one pebble the strikes the quite surface and sends out ripples to touch everything around me on all sides. Color can do that in peoples lives. As my friend Blake (Scenic Artist, Sculpture & Alaskan Traveler) said, ‘Chris you are all over Shreveport & Bossier City with your Art, every where I look I see a Building with your Art!'”

Chris has given back to the Simple Church over the years and Pastor Justin Haigler has worked with Chris on several projects. Justin painted with Chris on Tubbs Hardware, the Magnolia Flower on the column under the Texas Street Bridge, and the Bossier City Sign that was a “Do Good” for the Boardwalk ( FREE ). In the East Bank District, Justin painted on the BeauxJaxs and the Bossier Art Council Murals. See the gallery below.

Also at the Boardwalk, Chris created the original “Do Good’ Store for Simple Church as a donation to Church (valued at $30,000.00). The project included a 3D Tree, painting all the Walls and Faux Finishes, and all the Signage. See the gallery below.

You will find Opp Art projects throughout the US ( in over 40 States ) and Aruba. Learn more about the many projects of Chris Opp at and